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Italian-Made Leather Shoes

Shoe size chart

cherri bellini shoes are European sizing

Shoe chart final.jpg

We know it's hard to buy online...

We spent some time to save you time by measuring comparing and writing up this chart to make it easier to choose your perfect size. Your wardrobe will include various sizes from different brands and designs - even differentiating by countries where they were made.

We have all made the mistake of buying shoes too small and many of us will have made the same mistake of buying shoes too big; the team at cherri bellini are here to help you buy the perfect pair. The perfect shoe. The perfect fit.

The size chart above is a guide to the sizes in comparison within Australia, US, Europe and the UK we have also added the sizes (in cm) of our most famous shoes designed in Australia 'The Brogue'. Draw around your foot on a piece of paper... draw a horizontal line across the longest two points (heel & toe) the distance between these two will be your foot size in cm to compare with the size chart above.

We are here to help and want you to make the right choice in size of your handmade Italian leather shoes. Please contact us in the most convenient way for you and we will advise you on size and fits of all the shoes we have. We know exactly how each style fits, not only on ourselves, but what customers tell us from their own experiences.