cherri bellini

Italian-Made Leather Shoes


The classically styled brogue perfect for every occasion.

Popular with the trend setters, the travelers, the comfort hunters and the dancers of the world. They feature various leathers (combinations as chosen by us here exclusively in cherri bellini)

Handmade, featuring beautiful broguing and a leather sole

  • Hand made in Italy 
  • Leather Upper
  • Leather Lining
  • Leather Sole

RUSTIC designs - from KEEP, Italy.

Produced entirely in Italy using handcrafted techniques, then soaked in dye pigments, or 'stone washed'. Differences in the leather colour are part of the 'KEEP" style and characteristic of this particular dying technique. 

993 'Nove Nove Tre'

Italian style and design for everyday.

99.00 175.00
99.00 175.00
99.00 175.00
85.00 155.00

SALA x cherri bellini 'Glitz and Glam', by Julie Emery



Exhibition open:

- 240 Rundle Street, cherri bellini

- limited time 1-31 August 


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