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Return of the Mule.

cherri bellini

You've been seeing them everywhere- from the soles of people strolling through the city, to the runway.

Let us give you a rundown of their triumphant return. 



Mules are back for good. 

Mules are a loafer style shoe with no constraint around the heel. They were typically worn as a unisex indoor shoe during the 1700s, and have risen and fallen in popularity since then. OK, we will stop with the history lesson now!

The last time the mule took the world by storm was towards the end of the 1990s. And as what goes around, comes around in fashion, the mule is BACK. And probably back to stay. Elle magazine recently graced it as "the shoe of 2017." So settle in, buckle up, and let us teach you how to wear this bad boy. 

The casual mule 

Call it Bordeaux, maroon or wine red, whatever you like, but its the colour that everyone is wearing! The lighter hue with gold buckle looks great with light wash jeans or even linen shorts. Your perfect casual companion. 

993 Silver Mule
117.00 195.00

The fancy mule 

Oh hey there you shiny thing! Metallic leather to dress up any outfit and make you feel like your fanciest self. Metallic leather is great because it takes on whatever colour you are wearing, making it the ultimate neutral, yet fancy addition to your wardrobe. Available in black too!

The both-ways mule 

Is it a mule or is it a loafer? It's BOTH! Wear these wool lined mule loafers as a slide or pull the back up for an all round snug foot. It doesn't get better tan these. (Pun intended!)

The corporate mule

Classic black, supple leather with a wool lining. Pair it back with a pant suit or knee length skirt and shirt to complete your everyday work look.