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All time TOP 4 FLAT travelling shoes!

cherri bellini

Hello winter! (Hello holidays more like it!)

If you've been living under a rock for the last few weeks we're here to tell you today friends - winter is here! And so are those Facebook and Instagram drool worthy pictures of friends and loved ones (perhaps less loved now or at the least - less liked?), holidaying in sunny Europe or basically - anywhere but here! Jealous much?

Chances are YOU YOURSELF are headed on your own travelling adventure, (as we are soon!) and we're here to help you out. That's right, what comes next is our personal TOP 4 travelling shoes to get you from the plane to that aperol spritz or champagne in 2 seconds flat! (Get it - FLAT! HA!)

Here they are!


1. The Slide.

Our pointy slide from designer 993 is butter in a shoe - and very on trend in Europe right now! Instant comfort with no wear-in time, these you can buy 10 min before boarding the plane and wear them until you get home. (I think a 'pop-up' cherri bellini shop in Adelaide airport could be a great idea! Thoughts?) Super lightweight and great for no fuss brunch dates or wine tasting off in the country side somewhere - slip these in your overnight bag for easy wear.

Choice of black nappa leather or brushed silver leather.

2. The Ballet.

The ultimate classic travelling shoe for all year round is, of course, the ballet shoe. Think Audrey Hepburn in a stripy blouse (are we still using that word?), capris, over-sized sunglasses on the back of a vespa, scrafe flowing - and her ballet shoes. Perfect, right? 

Just when you thought perfection couldn't be MORE perfected - we had these made with a mini wedge for a bit of height, not too much only 2cm, to be kind on those knees and hips whilst strolling through beautiful gardens and admiring the local scenery. Ahh the serenity. 

Choice of red, iced coffee, nay or black nappa leather.

3. The Slipper.

If you've tried the ballet style through and through and looking for a quick style change - the slipper is for you. High cut sides a slipper cut will give any outfit that thought out, refined look. Lined in a thin leather and canvas combo these are light weight and can take you from day wear to night in an instant.

Choice of red, navy or black nappa leather.

4. The Mule.

The style that is effortlessly chic and comfortable. Full stop. This is our all time number 1 choice. All time favourite. Let us tell you the reasons why...

The classic loafer design with no back means easy slip on and off on those long plane rides. The small heel gives you height to provide all day comfort wandering a new city. Either choose between the black nappa leather or brushed silver for either day or night wear. On trend - but not over the top detailing to suit any kind of traveller.

Choice of black nappa or brushed silver leather.


And there you have it friends, a little inspiration for those on their way to warmer, sunnier climates - don't forget a good shoe is a travelers best friend!

Written by Kylie Hoffmann

Boutique Manager

Next travel destination - Japan for vintage treasures and ramen! x