cherri bellini

Italian-Made Leather Shoes


It all started when...

The concept of cherri bellini was born from the frustration of owner and buyer Rosemarie Farrugia, in not being able to source unique, original and well made shoes in Adelaide.

“I could only buy shoes overseas” says Rosemarie, “I knew that there must be other ladies out there who shared my frustration!” 

Let's go back a little further....

My love for shoes started in my high school years. I was always a large girl and going shopping, particularly for clothes, just didn't give me that good feeling one feels when one buys clothes!. It actually made me feel uncomfortable and at times sad: buying jeans with my girlfriends was always disappointing. Not shopping for shoes though! If the shoe didn't fit, I could easily ask for another size without hesitation. I never went home thinking I needed to go on a 'foot' diet!

A new pair of shoes will ALWAYS make you feel great, regardless of what your body is going through.

Through all those shopping expeditions with my girlfriends, I began to realise that I wasn't interested in buying just any shoe. I can hear you ask, 'but what did that mean?'

After a family trip to Italy in 2000, I discovered that the majority of unique and individual styled shoes were genuine leather, leather lined as well as leather outer! I also observed that after a few wears, the shoes become like gloves; they perfectly mould to my feet and the designs were immaculate!

Once back in Adelaide, I struggled to find leather shoes and also none made in Italy! What was really missing was the genuine leather uppers and leather lining coupled with the immaculate construction and styling that I had become accustomed to find and purchased in Italy.

It was a Eureka moment for sure, and I've never turned back!!

Long story made longer, back in 2000, I fell in love with not only the Italian culture, lifestyle and passion for life but also their ability to design and produce extremely good quality leather shoes. The family holiday resulted in the stand alone store of cherri bellini, with a mission to bring shoes of Italian design, construction and unique styling to the people of Adelaide.

On a side note, my love for all things Italian has meant that I now reside in Florence, the mecca of Italian leather greatness with my Italian husband and our little bambino. This means I'm able to spend time with the Craftsmen who make the cherri bellini shoes and who ensure you all get the best quality leathers and designs imaginable!


X Rose X